Program Information:

About Corbin Preschool Center
​Corbin Preschool Center
Enrollment: 125
Location: Corbin, Kentucky

Contact Information:
614 Master Street
Corbin, KY 40701
Phone: (606) 523-3612
Fax: (606) 523-3618
Corbin Preschool is an early childhood educational center that offers tuition classes to prepare students for primary school. Children are accepted from 1 to 5 years of age. Child enrollment is approximately 125 children.

Corbin Preschool Center offers four programs, Montessori, Traditional Preschool, Early Start, and Wrap Around Child Care. All programs offered by Corbin Preschool Center are licensed under the Kentucky Department of Education and the Cabinet for Families and Children. For more information on each of these programs please visit the links to the left.

Space is limited for the majority of the programs. For more information or to register your child please contact the center at 606-523-3612.
Corbin Preschool Center

614 Master Street          Corbin, KY 40701          (606) 523-3612
Administrator: Megan Moses